Holly Shimizu

Garden Consultant


The U.S. Botanic Garden as viewed from the Bartholdi Park.
Holly was the Executive Director here from 2000 through 2014.


Holly H. Shimizu is a nationally recognized horticulturist, consultant, and educator living in Maryland.   With a rich background in all aspects of public gardens, extensive experience leading garden tours and workshops, and a proven commitment to plant conservation and sustainability, she has been making plants and gardens more accessible and exciting to both professionals and amateurs for over four decades.  Holly consults public gardens and helps individuals envision and create peaceful and sustainable gardens. She also lectures and writes on a variety of horticultural topics and leads gardens tours.  Check back soon for Holly’s blog!

Holly Shimizu fountain

Current Projects:

Holly & Osamu Shimizu are special guests and speakers for a Friends of the National Arboretum tour: Treasures of Japan, Sacred Gardens & Temples. This tour is SOLD OUT. Another Japan trip will be announced soon; more information will be posted here once it’s available.

Holly is actively involved with The American Horticultural Society. Please visit their website for more information.

In Delaware, Holly is on the Advisory Council for the Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek. The garden is in the early conceptual and design phase.  Please see Delaware Botanic Gardens for more information.

Holly is on the Advisory Committee for Las Cruces Biological Station, located in Costa Rica. Las Cruces is part of the Organization for Tropical Studies and is home to the Wilson Botanical Garden.  Much of the garden was designed by Roberto Burle Marx.  For more information, see their website.

Holly Shimizu and colleagues
Holly Shimizu on New Zealand trip